Do you think you can find a food at the grocery store that is high in fiber? Fiber is in all fruits, veggies and whole grains, but some have more fiber than others. Look at labels or read packages to see what you can find. Even better, see if you […]

Finding Fiber Grocery Store Hunt!

Remember this? “The responsibility of the parent is to determine what, when, and where children eat. It’s the child’s responsibility to determine whether they eat and how much they eat.” When we get into the nitty gritty of your responsibilities with teaching your kids about nutrition and mindful eating, I […]

Mindful Eating and the Division of Responsibility: What

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides and the seeds have not been genetically modified. Pesticides kill bugs that try to eat our food. “Genetically modified” means that the seeds have been changed in a lab to help the plant in some way. Some of these changes help the […]

Fun Fact: What does “organic” mean?

  Purple and blue fruits and veggies are super hard to find, but that’s why they are super important to eat. I bet you can’t guess what they have! Did you guess antioxidants and Vitamin C? Well, you’re right! Purple and blue fruits and veggies also have a group of […]

Colors of the Rainbow: Purple and Blue!

  The colors orange and yellow can mean a lot of things in fruits and vegetables. The good news is these have lots of antioxidants. Do you remember what that word means? Antioxidants help heal the damage that oxygen does in our body. Vitamin C is actually a type of […]

Colors of the Rainbow: Orange and Yellow!

This color can be hard … can you think of any white fruits and vegetables? They have lots of antioxidants and phytochemicals that specifically help boost immunity and fight infection. The next time you are sick with a cold, an ear infection or fever, eat lots of white fruits and […]

Colors of the Rainbow: White!

Countless studies have shown us the importance of family meals on children’s emotional and physical health. I was lucky enough to have a mother who made family meals a priority and I can attest to how much they helped me and my siblings develop healthy relationships with food and with […]

Helpful Websites: The Family Dinner Project

Have you eaten something red today? Red fruits and vegetables have lots of antioxidants and phytochemicals as well as Vitamin C. You already know what Vitamin C does, but what about those big words, antioxidants and phytochemicals? The word “antioxidant” breaks down to “anti” = against, “oxidant” = an oxidizing […]

Colors of the Rainbow: Red!

Our next few kids posts are going to focus on the awesome colors of our fruits and vegetables. Did you know that each color has special things they do for your body? That’s why we need to eat the whole rainbow! Today we’ll focus on green fruits and vegetables! Greens […]

Colors of the Rainbow: Green!

Here is a fun challenge for you! Which of these fruits or vegetables is NOT real?   The answer is …………………   Blue raspberry! The flavor of blue raspberry was invented by candy makers who already had too many red and pink colored candy flavors (think cherry, strawberry, watermelon, etc.). […]

Do you know which is not real?

Snack time can be so much fun, but it’s also an important time to fuel up your body. Want to know an easy trick to make the perfect snack? Match 2! Do you remember the Choose My Plate food categories? There are 5 categories: Proteins, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits and Dairy. […]

Snack like a pro!

Snacks are very important for little kids. Little bellies have trouble holding enough food to fuel their active lives with just three meals a day, so nutritious snacks ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals and calories they need. Most kids do well with 2-3 snacks per day in between […]

Eating for REAL life: It feels like my kids are ...