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This is a resource page to help parents gain the skills to teach nutrition with confidence to their kids. I will post tips on keeping nutrition fun, modeling good behavior, overcoming nutrition concerns, finding time, identifying accurate info, and even include some of my favorite websites, intuitive eating concepts and more!

Remember this? “The responsibility of the parent is to determine what, when, and where children eat. It’s the child’s responsibility to determine whether they eat and how much they eat.” When we get into the nitty gritty of your responsibilities with teaching your kids about nutrition and mindful eating, I […]

Mindful Eating and the Division of Responsibility: What

Countless studies have shown us the importance of family meals on children’s emotional and physical health. I was lucky enough to have a mother who made family meals a priority and I can attest to how much they helped me and my siblings develop healthy relationships with food and with […]

Helpful Websites: The Family Dinner Project

Snacks are very important for little kids. Little bellies have trouble holding enough food to fuel their active lives with just three meals a day, so nutritious snacks ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals and calories they need. Most kids do well with 2-3 snacks per day in between […]

Eating for REAL life: It feels like my kids are ...

Choose My Plate is my FAVORITE website to recommend to families who want to focus more on their health and nutrition. If you are looking for a place to start, this is it! Choose My Plate replaced the old Food Guide Pyramid that we grew up with. Isn’t it so […]

Helpful websites: Choose My Plate

World Health Day is tomorrow, April 7th and the theme this year is Beat Diabetes. I’m really grateful for the theme this year considering diabetes is such a growing problem in our society. Almost all of us have a close family member, friend, or acquaintance with diabetes. In fact, the […]

World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

If your child insists on eating only one food or a very small group of foods, you are likely dealing with a food jag. As frustrating as food jags can be, they are actually a normal developmental process and are usually a result of a child exerting their new found […]

Eating for REAL life: Dealing with food jags

Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating. If you haven’t heard of these ideas, you are in for a treat! Mindful eating truly is the key to ending almost all of the problems people face around food. And before you roll your eyes, I promise I’m not going too granola on you! Have […]

Intro to Mindful Eating and Kids

Parents ask me all the time where they can find accurate nutrition information. I’ll be sure to share my favorite RDN-approved recommendations with you! Fruits and Veggies More Matters is one of my favorite websites for parents who need help encouraging their kids to eat more … well, fruits and […]

Helpful Websites: Fruits and Veggies More Matters

Confession time. I love my fruits and veggies, but some days even I’m thinking, “I need to make sure we eat how much produce? Really?! I’ll be lucky to get quesadillas on the table today.” Yes, I’m a dietitian, but even dietitians have crazy days! The recommendation for adults is […]

Eating for REAL life: How in the world do I ...

This touching video highlights the rare opportunity of having an “extra day” this year thanks to Leap Year. The idea had never touched me like that before. Parents joke about having “just another hour in the day” or “just one more day in the week” and this year it was […]

What will you do with #YourExtraDay ?