Finding Fiber Grocery Store Hunt!


Do you think you can find a food at the grocery store that is high in fiber? Fiber is in all fruits, veggies and whole grains, but some have more fiber than others. Look at labels or read packages to see what you can find. Even better, see if you can find a 100% whole grain bread, tortilla or cereal at the store this week! Fun fact: did you know popcorn is actually a whole grain and high in fiber?!

Why is fiber important? Fiber is a type of carbohydrate and is very important to make you feel full after you eat. Because of that, it can help you stay at a healthy weight. Fiber also keeps your digestive system (your stomach and intestines) healthy because it helps keep enough water in your intestines to make it easy to digest your food and pass it later. Some fibers can even prevent heart disease and maintain the amount of sugar in your blood (that’s a good thing)! Those are a lot of good reasons to munch on Cheerios or snack on popcorn!





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