Fun Fact: What does “organic” mean?

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides and the seeds have not been genetically modified. Pesticides kill bugs that try to eat our food. “Genetically modified” means that the seeds have been changed in a lab to help the plant in some way. Some of these changes help the plant survive drought (long times without water), bugs or disease or the changes may help the fruit or veggie taste better, last longer or have more vitamins.

Organic fruits and veggies don’t necessarily have more vitamins or minerals than regular fruits and veggies (in fact, most studies show they actually have fewer), but because they were not grown with potentially harmful pesticides they are often more desirable to some people.

If your family doesn’t want to buy organic produce in the grocery store but wants to reduce the amount of pesticides you eat, help your parents wash your produce thoroughly, grow some of your own in a garden using organic seeds and without using pesticides or buy organic produce at a farmer’s market!

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